A delicious new take on a traditional favorite! You can use small chunks of cheddar cheese if your crowd does not like the sharp flavor of Blue Cheese.


1)       Place chopped Sirloin in large mixing bowl.

2)       Use a food processor (or by hand) to finely dice the garlic, onion, red bell pepper. Add to Sirloin along with seasoned salt, pepper, Tuscan Olive Oil and Balsamic.

3)       Mix by hand or with large spoon until all ingredients are blended well into the Sirloin.  Add the crumbled blue cheese last and mix well into the Sirloin mixture.

4)       Make ¼ pound hamburger patties (should be about 8).

5)       Set your grill and get it ready! Optionally, while the burgers are grilling you can sprinkle them with Fresh Harvest Traditional Balsamic (on both sides) which creates a wonderful flavor on the outside of the burger.  Grill those burgers to your favorite level of doneness.

6)       Allow burgers to rest in their own juices  for at least 5-10 minutes before serving.

7)       Top with more cheese, bacon, your favorite condiments and enjoy! Try using our Balsamic BBQ sauce instead of ketchup and mustard. It’s really good! 


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