Fresh Harvest offers an amazing selection of extra virgin olive oils, fused and infused olive oils, specialty oils, fine aged balsamic and wine vinegars. These products are ultra-premium grade which is more stringent than USDA organic. We operate two Tasting Rooms in Arkansas and also sell online in the Continental US. We work primarily with a west coast family who has been in the olive oil business for nearly 100 years. This family is also part of our consortium in Modena, Italy, which provides us the finest Balsamic. Through this relationship, we work in close partnership with farmers in both hemispheres to deliver the freshest olive oil all year long.

Through our suppliers, we source our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils directly from independent farms in both Hemispheres and never deal with middlemen. Our family suppliers manage the farming methods, harvest and crush. Our independent sourcing enable us to offer world class products at reasonable prices. Through our family relationships, we’re also able to offer 100% true quality Balsamic Vinegar direct from Modena, Italy which is 96% Grape Must.

Olives are fruits. Extra virgin olive oil is fruit juice: highly perishable, healthier and more flavorful when consumed fresh and full of amazing nutrients. This is one of the reasons we post the crush date and chemical analysis on every ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil we offer.

High Biophenol extra virgin olive oil and true Balsamic vinegars have incredible healing properties. The FDA does not regulate these products which are sold from overseas into the United States. It is our experience the vast majority of foreign “extra virgin” olive oil sold in the US is adulterated, mislabeled and much of it is actually mostly Canola Oil with green food coloring and not fit for human consumption. We estimate nearly ALL imported ‘extra virgin’ olive oil sold in the United States is fake and suppliers lie on their labels. And nearly all vinegar labeled at “balsamic” in the United States are actually red wine vinegars mixed with thickeners and sweeteners. At Fresh Harvest, we offer the real deal.

Troy Johnson and Steve Ketchersid created Fresh Harvest in October 2012 and chose the beautiful Arkansas Ozarks to showcase the amazing products they are able to offer. Fresh Harvest is not a franchise. We are committed to providing you with the healthiest and best products in the world at what is basically wholesale prices compared to high end stores.

Eat Healthy. Eat Delicious.

Troy & Steve
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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