Rapeseed Oil (Canola) vs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Rapeseed oil is increasingly touted as being as healthy as olive oil. But is there good evidence for this?

Rapeseed is a toxic plant from the turnip family. “Canola Oil” was named after a Canadian Scientists who discovered a way to genetically modify the Rapeseed plant toxins down to an acceptable level per the FDA. The USDA did not feel “rapeseed oil” would sell in the USA, so they created the term “Canola” or ‘Canadian oil’ as a replacement.

Here at Fresh Harvest we feel that Canola Oil is NOT healthy because it is processed at extremely high temperatures using petroleum products.



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Cooking with real EVOO best among all other oils

cooking with oliveoil

More on Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“A peanut oil and an EVOO (with its natural polyphenols) were heated and compared with respect to rancidification.”

“Result:  More heat energy was needed to start the oxidation of fat molecules in EVOO than peanut oil which suggests that EVOO is more resistant to rancidification when heated. The authors attributed this to the polyphenols in the EVOO. “the higher thermal stability of triglycerides contained in the whole EVOO is probably due to the high concentration of polyphenols contained in it”
For more on this study, visit:  Slick Extra Virgin

Cooking with EVOO is Always Best!


Smoke Point vs. FFA Chart in Celsius

& Why Cooking With Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ALWAYS Better For You

The phenols found in fresh extra virgin olive oil also protect the oil from forming aldehydes which are more or less toxic to our cells, whether we eat them or inhale them while cooking. Aldehydes will begin to form in any type of cooking oil as soon as it begins to oxidize as a result of being heated up, and are increased when an oil is heated for a long duration or at very high temperatures.  The phenols (antioxidants) unique to fresh, well made extra virgin olive oil “sacrifice” themselves to this heat oxidation thus preventing or diminishing the formation of toxic aldehydes, which makes a strong, if not iron clad case for exclusively cooking with high phenol, low FFA extra virgin olive oil above all other cooking oil options available.

Beyond this, when we use high phenol olive oil for higher heat applications, we may still be left with some phenols and of course the flavor they impart, which does not speak strictly to the prevention of bad compounds, but does address the sensory and health benefit unique to fresh, well made EVOO.

To see a chart and get more in depth information about cooking oil and smoke point, please go to: Richard Gawel’s EVOO Blog: Slick Extra Virgin

Check Out Our Two New Fused Varietal Pepper Olive Oils That Just Arrived From Our Mill in Tunisia!

Fused Olive Oil 
FROM THE BARBARY COAST OF NORTH AFRICA, AND MADE IN OUR OWN MILL, THE TUNISIAN BAKLOUTI PEPPER IS RARE AND UNIQUE TO THIS REGION.  THIS IS THE ONLY EXAMPLE OF THIS FRUITY & MILDLY SPICY GREEN CHILI OLIVE OIL IN THE WORLD. Baklouti chili olive oil is made by combining one pound of organic extra virgin olive oil with 1.6 pounds of fresh whole green Baklouti chilies. The two, and only two, ingredients are then crushed, mixed, in the malaxer fusing the fresh green pepper with the organic olive oil. Baklouti adds a new and surprising dimension to salsas’ of all stripes. This is a unique artisan product that has hundreds of applications.

Fused Olive Oil 



The oil and fresh chilies are fused for two hours before decanting and filtering. EXTREMEMLY HOT!!! A little dab will do ya!



Fresh Harvest features one of the largest, freshest selections of Ultra Extra Virgin Olive Oils, plus fused and infused Olive Oils and aged balsamic vinegars on tap in the USA. We work with a family who has been in the olive oil business for nearly 100 years and who is also part of a consortium in Modena, Italy, which provides us the finest Balsamic Condimento. Through this family relationship, we work in close partnership with farmers in both hemispheres to deliver fresh, high quality products to our customers all year long.

We source our Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils directly from independent farms in both Hemispheres and never deal with middlemen. We manage the farming methods, harvest and crush. Our independent sourcing enable us to offer these world class products at extremely reasonable prices. Through our family relationship, we’re also able to offer 100% true quality Balsamic Vinegar direct from Modena, Italy. This family also produces their own fused and infused oils, plus a consistent supply of award winning Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Olives are fruits. We believe extra virgin olive oil is like fruit juice: highly perishable, healthier and more flavorful when consumed fresh and full of amazing nutrients. This is one of the reasons we post the Crush Date and Chemical Analysis on every Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil we offer.

High Polyphenol Olive Oil and true Balsamics have incredible healing properties. The FDA does not regulate these products which are sold from overseas in the United States. The vast majority of foreign Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold in the US is actually mixed with Canola Oil and not fit for human consumption. Nearly all vinegars labeled at “balsamic” are actually red wine vinegar mixed with thickeners and sweeteners. Fresh Harvest offers the real deal.

Troy Johnson and Steve Ketchersid created Fresh Harvest in October 2012 and chose Eureka Springs, AR, to showcase the amazing products they are able to offer. Fresh Harvest, the one and only, is committed to providing you with the healthiest and best products in the world at what is basically wholesale prices compared to high end stores. Chase the Crush! Be Healthy!

Troy & Steve
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