Simply put, our products are “real” and of the highest quality in the world.

All grades of olive oil imported into the United States are not regulated by the FDA. The vast majority of these products are adulterated and/or intentionally mislabeled. Consistent independent testing has revealed the vast majority of imported olive oil labeled and sold in the USA as “Extra Virgin” is fake – consisting of mostly cheap seed or Canola oil.  Industrial grade chlorophyll and other chemicals are then added to these impostors which provide coloring and grassy flavors.  Powerful International lobby groups participate in deceptive practices and the adulteration of olive oil is rampant worldwide.

Nearly all extra virgin olive oil sold in the USA is either completely fake and/or is of a subpar quality referred to in Europe as ‘lampante’ or ‘lamp oil’…which is not fit for human consumption.

Our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils are literally the freshest and finest in the world. Our UP (Ultra-Premium) certification is more stringent than USDA Organic. Fresh Harvest seeks out high biophenol olive oil from our supplier which provides some of the highest level of phenol antioxidants available in the world. Through our suppliers we work directly with farmers in both Hemispheres to ensure Fresh Harvest is always providing our clients the freshest, most nutritious ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil in the world….all year long.

We post the harvest date, country of origin and chemical testing results with all of the ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil we offer clients. Our UP-EVOO exceeeds USDA Organic standards and is not micro-filtered or over processed and provides our clients some of the finest tasting and highest nutritional olive oil found anywhere.

Our olives are harvested and crushed within six hours. This level of consistent quality is virtually non-existent in the world’s olive oil marketplace. Through family owned suppliers we work with farmers in both Hemispheres. Most of our olive oils from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, California, Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and Tunisia.

All of the olive oils we offer meet the “ultra-premium” certification, which is more stringent than USDA organic

Extra Virgin describes the first press/cold press of the freshly harvested fruit, and follows a rigorous standard of many other variables to be called an EVOO including acidity levels, taste and other chemical measures. Our fruit is harvested and crushed within 6 hours. Sometimes our family supplier harvests early or late, to maximize flavor and/or phenol content.

(There are additional grades of olive oil, which most consumers find surprising. Buyer beware! Many of our clients are shocked to discover most of the olive oil sold in the USA is ‘light’, ‘extra-live’ and ‘pure’ olive oil.)

Fused olive oil, also known as agrumato in Italy, is made by crushing ripe olives with other whole fresh fruits, herbs, spices, or even vegetables. For example, in the harvest season beautiful, mature citrus fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness, split in half and then thrown in with the olives. The olives and fruit are then crushed simultaneously. The ratios of olive fruit to other fruits, herbs, spices or vegetables can vary but is sometimes as much as 1:1.

Infused olive oil (like fused oil) is made with fresh fruits, herbs, spices or vegetables – but which do not ripen on the same timeline as the olive fruit. These are then steeped in an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil under vacuum pressure for 6-8 hours. The finished product is carefully crafted to ensure a maximum infusion. For example, in the case of garlic (which ripens prior in the season to olive fruit), the garlic bulbs are very lightly crushed and steeped in one of our UP EVOO’s under vacuum pressure. The results are similar to fused olive oil, but the method differs.

Our Fresh Harvest Olive Oils are a healthy, nutritious food. 

Check out our Olive Oil Tips & Tricks. You can saute’ or fry nearly anything in our oils (smoke point is 425 degrees). Use them instead of vegetable, canola or other oils for a healthy, lower fat addition to your diet!

Check the Pairing Section of our website for some recommended vinaigrette pairings. Basically you are limited only by your own imagination and tastes on how you use a vinaigrette!

Bake with them. Cook with them. Sauté with them. Finish dishes with them. Simply drizzle an EVOO over any pasta, top with some cheese and you have a wonderful meal without the heavy sauces. Sauté meats and veggies with our oils for simple to prepare meals that are packed with flavor.

Check out our Recipe Blog for more ideas!

Simply put, our balsamic vinegar products are real, true balsamic.

The vast majority of balsamic available in the world is adulterated with large amounts of cheap wine vinegar, coloring, flavorings and thickening agents – such as high-fructose corn syrup and these additives are left off the labels. Our Balsamic is 97% Grape Must.

The balsamic vinegar available at Fresh Harvest is from the oldest and most respected family consortium in Modena, Italy.  All of our balsamic is aged 12-18 years. Our dark balsamic’s very low acidity of 3% is a function of the ‘grape must’ being naturally cooked down and aged in various woods, without the addition of anything else. Unlike the many “balsamic-like” products on the market which claim to be true balsamic and/or from Modena, most distributors actually lie on their labels. Many of these impostors are not from Modena and their ‘balsamic” is comprised almost wholly of poor quality wine or distilled vinegar, thickeners, colors, artificial flavors and syrups.

The density and complexity of our true balsamic is a testament to the fact that it’s made in Modena, Italy, and in the “traditional style” from high quality ‘grape must’, cooked over an open wood fire – which is then aged using the Solera System. Our family consortium in Modena is the last consortium left which still practices this ancient and exacting method of production.

Once our clients taste our balsamic they instantly know they’re tasting the ‘real deal’. Our Balsamic vinegars have 10-15 calories per tablespoon, are low on the glycemic index and contain no sodium or additives. The term “balsamic” stems from the Latin root “healing balm” and was used as a medical elixir by the ancient Romans. The healing aspects of balsamic are many – including providing probiotics, antioxidants and low glycemic sugars.

Real balsamic is made from common white grapes found in Northern Italy. These grapes are slowly cooked down into a ‘must’ – whole clusters, stems, seeds, etc.

White balsamic is not cooked down as long, thus the sugars don’t caramelize. This makes them less sweet and a tad more acidic than their dark counterparts. They are aged in both wood casks and stainless steel tanks, which reduced coloring.

Dark balsamic is cooked down longer, until the sugars caramelize, which produces the darker color, thicker texture and sweeter flavor. They are aged exclusively in wood casks which also contribute to their dark color.

Our balsamic vinegar is a healthy, sweet & acidic addition to any food! 

Check out our Balsamic Tips & Tricks for ideas!

In addition to making vinaigrette, your imagination is your only limitation in using our nutritious and fabulous Balsamic. Add them to sauces for new taste dimensions. Zigzag over cheeses, vegetables, meats, fruits, or deserts. Use them as a marinade for meats. A few drops in soda or a cocktail!

Check out our Recipe Blog for more ideas!

Avoid excessive light, heat and oxygen exposure. 

Fresh Harvest products are not only superior in quality, but they are durable. Store your oil or vinegar out of direct sunlight and not next to your stove. Keep them sealed. Storing in cool, dark pantry of cabinet usually works the best.

We offer some of the freshest, most nutritious Olive Oil on the planet. From time of purchase, your Olive Oil is nutritionally viable for about a year, but will not go rancid for several years. (note: rancid olive oil has a metallic smell and taste.) Bacteria and mold CAN NOT grow in our olive oil or vinegar, because both products are naturally antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial.

Balsamic has nearly an indefinite shelf life. Balsamic is nearly indestructible and our quality products are already aged 12-18 years. They are best used within five years after purchase, but can last an indefinite amount of time.

Fresh Harvest olive oils are some of the freshest and most nutritional in the world. Because of the superior quality of our products, you can cook with them and they have a much higher smoke point than most other imported, store-bought olive oils. Our olive oils have a smoke point of 425 degrees!

It is a myth that olive oil turns into a bad fat when heated for a typical cooking application. However, if you repeatedly heat up and cool down the same olive oil it will degrade and not be fit for human consumption over time – which is why we tell our clients please do not keep your olive oil or balsamic next to your stove.

Extra-virgin olive oil is actually the best oil to use for cooking. 

Yes, your oil or vinegar is fine. Your freshly bottled olive oil or vinegar was bottled and shipped on the same day. We bottle by hand at our shop. During shipping, sometimes a small amount can leak. This does not contaminate the bottle. If you have a bigger leak and there major visible loss in the bottle, please call the shop at 479-253-6247.

Otherwise, your product is just fine.

No, your Butter olive oil is not rancid and here is the reason: there is no butter or dairy of any kind in it. Our Butter Olive Oil is vegan and is created with 5 non-allergenic herbs. The recipe is a highly guarded secret. When you smell or taste the Butter olive oil on the popcorn in our shop, it smells and tastes different than it does right out of the bottle. Our Butter olive oil smells herbaceous and has an herb taste to it, mixed with extra-virgin olive oil. It tastes a bit like butter on its own, but only when you put it with food does the butter flavor really shine. We can barely keep it in stock so it is incredibly fresh when you purchase it from us.

In addition, NONE of our products are even close to being over a few months old and we replenish our stock every 30 days. NONE of our products are rancid and we would never sell old olive oil or products where we did not know the crush date.

Fresh Harvest offers $10 flat fee shipping on all orders inside the continental United States.

Orders are shipped UPS ground. Alaska and Hawaii are not included in this offer, and we can ship to those states only a surcharge will apply. Currently we do not ship outside of the United States. If you need different shipping arrangements, please call us during open hours at 479-253-6247.

Fresh Harvest also participates in the UPS Carbon Offset Program which means your shipment is Carbon Neutral and does not contribute to CO2 emissions! We pay a small fee for every UPS shipment to ensure your Fresh Harvest package is not contributing to Climate Change!

We are not a franchise. Fresh Harvest has two Tasting Rooms, located in Eureka Springs and Rogers, AR.

We are delighted to be of service. Simply reach out to us through this website via our Contact page, or call us during shop hours at 479-253-6247.

We fill all of our bottles in the shop fresh and will usually have your order out via UPS or USPS within 48 hours or less from time of purchase on the website. Severe weather could delay your order from be fulfilled within that time frame, but we work hard to ensure we ship as fast as possible.

Please note that we do not package and ship on Mondays during our regular season – and we do not package or ship on Mondays & Tuesdays in the Winter. So your order could take up to four (4) days for fulfillment prior to being shipped. Specials and Holidays may also affect fulfillment and shipping. Typically your order will arrive in 3-5 days after being shipped via our Flat Rate UPS. If we have an online sale, please expect a delay. 

If you receive a bottle of olive oil in the winter months and it’s frozen, it will not hurt the quality or taste of the oil. Just let the olive oil come to room temperature on its own. Freezing olive oil affects neither properties nor its quality.