Fresh, green, and sweetly herbal our Fresh Harvest Basil olive oil is among the freshest and cleanest on the planet. Created by steeping freshly picked organic Basil in some of our finest high antioxidant, ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, this is a fragrant and delicious blend that will work with a wide variety of foods. Sauté, stir-fry, finish or create delicious vinaigrettes. Drizzle on salads, fruit, or bread and travel to the shores of the Mediterranean!

Balsamic & Wine Vinegar Pairings: Traditional, Gravenstein Apple, Comice Pear, Lemon, Strawberry, PassionfruitCranberry-Pear, Raspberry, Serrano Honey, Blackberry Ginger, Fig, Vanilla, Champagne, Premium-White balsamic, and many more!

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