This dark and rich balsamic is filled with the dark berry essence of Black Currant. It complements salads, fruits, and meats. It’s vibrant when combined with a spicy oil to marinate beef, pork, or poultry before grilling. Brush on pineapple, peaches, or apricots before grilling. Drizzle on ice cream, sweet potatoes, or cheese. Rich and dense, it can be used as a glaze on anything! Create a fruity BBQ sauce using this as a base. Splash a bit in sparkling water, smoothies, or a cocktail!

Olive Oil Pairings: Gremolata, Garlic, Blood Orange, Herbs de Provence, Lemon, Mandarin, HarissaChipotle, Tuscan Herb, BasilCilantro & Roasted Onion, any Fresh Harvest ultra-premium extra virgin, and many more! 

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