ultra premium extra virgin olive oil


Medium IntensityNotes of crisp green apple peel and fresh-cut grass give way to a malty, savory herb center with hints of nutmeg. This uncommon Italian variety is closely related to the classic variety, Frantoio. A rare and wonderful EVOO!


Biophenols:    313.8 ppm

Oleic Acid:       77.7 ppm  

DAGs:               98.1

FFA:                   0.15

Peroxide:         3.8

PPP:                  <0.2

Squalene:       3,687.9 ppm

A-Tocopherols:  330.3 ppm

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment



PUNGENCY     2.0

Smoke Point – 355F

Crush Date: May 2023

Country of origin: Australia

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