Medium Intensity – From the Lion’s Creek Estate in South Africa, this classic Don Carlo is extremely fruity on the front, and displays prominent notes of bitter greens, dandelion, radicchio, arugula on the back.  The oil has a nice light astringency and bitterness on the back end. LIMITED SUPPLY!

Biophenols:    422 ppm

Oleic Acid:       71.5 ppm  

DAGs:               90.2

FFA:                   0.25   

Peroxide:         7.5    

PPP:                   <1.0

Sqaulene:       6,044 ppm

A-Tocopherols:  248 ppm

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment



PUNGENCY      5.0

Crush Date: May 2020

Country of origin: South Africa

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