Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain


Robust Intensity – From the Melgarejo Estate, this amazing Holiblanca ultra-premium extra virgin is fruity, floral with a green almond center and notes of fresh melon. Lingering Szechuan peppercorn rounds out this super fruity EVOO. Our greenest ever! The color of this oil is emerald green and the taste is out of this world. We are lucky to have an exclusive agreement with the Melgarejo Estate in Spain, as this oil is difficult to come by even outside of the United States. Smoke point 425-degrees. Use for a wide range of applications. 


Biophenols:    608 ppm

Oleic Acid:       76 ppm  

DAGs:               97.4

FFA:                   0.22

Peroxide:         4.7

PPP:                  <1.0

Sqaulene:        9,625 ppm

A-Tocopherols:  431 ppm

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment



PUNGENCY     5.5

Crush Date: November 2021

Country of origin: Spain

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