Jalapeno White Balsamic

Jalapeno White Balsamic



All of the flavor of the Jalapeno Pepper, without the heat. Sweet, spicy and tart, like you would expect from this delightful chili-infused condiment. Use this to light up your marinades, spice up a salsa or blend into dressings to top fruits. Exceptional marinade, adds a kick to any BBQ or sauce. Add to pico de gallo, drizzle over cucumber salad or mix with our oils!

Olive Oil Pairings: Tuscan Herb, Herbs de Provence, Blood Orange, Rosemary, Harissa, GremolataCilantro & Roasted Onion, any Fresh Harvest ultra-premium extra virgin and many more! 

Country of Origin

Italy (Modena)


Size (ml) Price Qty
200 $13.00
375 $18.00
750 $27.00