Robust Intensity – from the mountainous Alonso estates near Patagonia this superb single varietal Koroneiki is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive. Prominent green banana and bitter dandelion greens. Creamy and pungent. This EVOO is herbaceous and fruity giving it depth and a rich complexity.

Biophenols:    391 ppm

Oleic Acid:       79.4 ppm  

DAGs:               97

FFA:                   0.19

Peroxide:         4.6

PPP:                   <1.0

Sqaulene:       7,229.4 ppm

A-Tocopherols: 194.6 ppm

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment



PUNGENCY      3.3

Crush Date: June 2021

Country of origin: Chile

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