Medium Intensity – This visually stunning Picual from the Melgarejo family in Spain is highly aromatic and floral. It displays prominent vegetal and savory tasting notes, with leafy greens. Also, this ultra-premium extra virgin has a huge amount of Sqaulene, which is amazing for your skin! Very well balanced, a superb Picual. 

Biophenols:    478.6 ppm

Oleic Acid:       76.7 ppm  

DAGs:               96.8

FFA:                   0.22   

Peroxide:         5.0     

PPP:                   <1.0

Sqaulene:       11,489 ppm

A-Tocopherols:  320 ppm

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment



PUNGENCY      5.3

Crush Date: Nov 2019

Country of origin: Spain

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