Unlike other squashes, oilseed pumpkins are grown for their seeds instead of their flesh. The seeds are hulless, dark green and have a high oil content, making them ideal for producing edible oil. Oilseed pumpkins were first grown in the New World but cultivars were refined over several centuries in Europe, notably Austria, which is renown for its Styrian pumpkin seed oil. All natural, expeller-pressed and unrefined. Made of 100% non-GMO Pumpkin seeds from a small family farm in Stoney Brook, NY. This finishing oil is delicious on salads, veggies, leafy greens, fish, soups and pairs well with a variety of vinegar or balsamic to create a special vinaigrette. Mix with a wide variety of vinegars. Unique! This bottle is 6.3 ounce. 

Balsamic & Wine Vinegar Pairings: Blackberry Ginger, Honey GingerChocolate, Pomegranate, Comice Pear, Maple, Red Apple, Raspberry, Apricotand many more!

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