This gift set includes four (4) 200 ml bottles of Fresh Harvest Essentials and showcases the different types of olive oil we offer. There is a premium Extra Virgin olive oil, a Fused olive oil, an Infused olive oil and our 18 year Traditional Balsamic. A terrific starter pack and a wonderful gift!

1) Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Creamy, buttery with a fruity, grassy or herbaceous finish)
2) Tuscan Herb INFUSED Olive Oil (infused with Garlic and Rosemary)
3) Blood Orange FUSED Olive Oil (Olives crushed with Blood Oranges)
4) Traditional Fresh Harvest Balsamic (18 year old) from Modena, Italy

Includes a description of the products and comes in a beautiful, nature friendly shipper box.

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