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Study shows antioxidant dense EVOO helps patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

A study recently published by MDPI shows extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a lipid food, which constitutes a pillar of the Mediterranean diet. A high number of scientific data have demonstrated that it exerts a variety of beneficial effects on human health due to its peculiar chemical composition including fatty acids (98–99%) and other active compounds even if found in a very low percentage (1–2%). Among them, minor polar compounds (MCPs), represented mainly by phenolic compounds, are relevant for their healthy properties, as stated by the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) claims. In this paper, we described the results obtained from a pilot in vivo

High-polyphenolic extra virgin olive oil increases endothelial function in adults at risk for type 2 diabetes

A new study published in the National Library of Medicine has found the consumption of high-polyphenolic olive oil increased the endothelial function (EF) in adults at risk for type 2 diabetes. The endothelium is a thin membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels. Endothelial cells release substances that control vascular relaxation and contraction as well as enzymes that control blood clotting, immune function and platelet (a colorless substance in the blood) adhesion. Vascular endothelial cells line the entire circulatory system, from the heart to the smallest capillaries. These cells have unique functions that include fluid filtration, such as in the glomerulus of the kidney,

Study proves olive oil is the key to improving food safety

A new study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society has found that the consumption of lignan-rich olive oil could reverse the dangerous effects of some food fungal toxins. The research addresses concerns about the possibility of food storage causing microbial growth known to produce toxins (mycotoxins), which can adversely affect the health of humans and livestock.... Click HERE to read the full article

There’s evidence that exercise after consuming olive oil could trigger changes linked to longevity

A new study has found that the fat in olive oil appears to activate pathways in cells that are linked to longer life span.   CLICK HERE FOR STORY:

High Antioxidant Olive Oil is the very best to use for cooking!

Here's a recent (2019) scientific study confirming that sautéing and pan frying using extra virgin olive oil that's high in phenols, does not fully destroy the antioxidant properties or create harmful aldehydes, which makes it the absolute healthiest option to use for cooking, hands down. The study showed that under regular cooking applications, only 40% of the phenols were sacrificed to heat oxidation at 240 F. This means that if you start with an oil that's higher in phenols, you're left with more health benefit at the end of the cooking process. The stale notion that we should not be cooking with the finest, freshest, highest

6 Benefits Of Taking A Shot Of Olive Oil In The Morning

This is a great article. They get a few things wrong, but overall it's very informative. Fresh Harvest ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil is some of the freshest on the planet and the smoke point is 425 degrees, same as coconut or avocado oil. When heated the Biophenols actually X-OUT the carbon chains created by heating the oil. So our oils are the best to cook in, despite what the article says. The adulterated oils in supermarkets have low smoke points because of additives and processing. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE