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At EarthKosher we provide companies all over the world with affordable and accepted Kosher certification in a timely manner, congruent with normative Kosher industry standards

Grass Roots Coop - Organic Beef, Chicken and Pork

Grass Roots Farmer’s Coop – Organic Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb

Grass Roots is a farmer-owned sustainable livestock co-op, and our meats—GMO free, antibiotic free, and growth hormone free. Our livestock have access to fresh air, sunlight, grass and water, and space to move and interact with their herd or flock. At Grass Roots farms, chickens scratch, pigs root, and cows and sheep graze. Our animals are raised with carefully studied animal husbandry techniques that mitigate the needs for maintenance antibiotics. And we don’t use growth hormones, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms.