Our Story...

Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive  Oil

Our story begins at family estate olive  orchards that grow amazing fruit in both hemispheres. We harvest fresh all year. 

Olives are a fruit.

Only the best green fruit is harvested, largely by hand. 

The fruit is cold pressed at the estate's mills with malaxation & decanter centrifugation.

We harvest and crush usually in about 4 hours!

The freshest extra virgin olive oil on the planet is then shipped to Fresh Harvest and bottled!

Our olive oil comes from  BOTH HEMISPHERES. 

This means we always deliver a Fresh Harvest!

Our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil offers amazing antioxidants!

With a 425° smoke point!

The UP standard is the most stringent testing standard in the world for artisanal  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Artisanal Processing. 

High Antioxidant. 

Eat Healthy. Eat Delicious.

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Two locations in NWA.

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